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Why Tiger Woods is the Hottest Golfer Going into the Masters

golf puttTo say that Tiger Woods has had a few years to forget would be an understatement akin to saying that the Pope might be just a little bit Catholic. Since 2009, Tiger Woods has experienced an infidelity scandal, a string of injuries, being dropped by many sponsors, a divorce, and the loss of his number one world ranking. He also hasn’t won a major golf title since 2009. However, things have started to turn around for America’s most famous golfer, and some are saying that Woods is back to his old form once again. With the Masters almost here, his timing could not be more perfect.

 Tiger Woods finally started to show glimpses of life at last year’s Arnold Palmer Invitational, which he won in March. However he followed that victory with a poor showing at the 2012 Masters. He had two more victories in 2012, but no majors followed as Tiger still struggled to find that consistency for which he had become known. Still, these three victories marked the first year since 2009 that Woods had won any tournaments at all, so to see this was a huge boost for fans of the golfer.

2013 is the Year of the Tiger

It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that we experienced anything akin to the Tiger Woods of old. He won three of the first five tournaments that he played this year, and started to climb back up the rankings to challenge world number one Rory McIlroy, who has struggled since the start of 2013.

And the Northern Irishman’s decline has certainly helped Woods this season. The rise of the American has coincided perfectly with McIlroy’s slump, and as a result Woods is finally back on the top of the world rankings for the first time since 2009. McIlroy’s drop in form has been a surprise after the 2012 that he had, in which he won the PGA Championship, the Ryder Cup with Europe, and received an MBE from the Queen. Some have speculated that it is McIlroy’s switch to Nike equipment that has taken some adjusting and altered his game slightly. Whatever the reason, he has not seemed himself this year, and Tiger Woods has been the one to capitalize.

Other golfers such as Brandt Snedeker and Phil Mickelson have shown flashes of brilliance, but no one has come close to Woods in the last couple of months.

Will Tiger Woods Win His Fifth Green Jacket?

So now we come to the true test: the Masters. Augusta was the scene of Tiger Woods; very first major win, back in 1997, and if there was any place that would provide the perfect setting for his first in five years, it would be here. He goes into this year’s tournament as the runaway favorite, and his form in the last three months has eclipsed anyone who has even come close. But the Masters will be the ultimate test. It will be the only way that Tiger can hope to cast aside his doubters and regain any sponsors. If nothing else, this year’s tournament looks to be an exciting prospect, and perhaps a historic one. Will Tiger Woods win his fifth green jacket? That remains to be seen. But can he? You better believe it.

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Phil Oscarson is an avid golfer/golf enthusiast that loves to be with his wife and children when he’s not out on the links. If you’re looking to hit a course near you, you will always be able to find discount tee times near you on

Why Tiger Woods is the Hottest Golfer Going into the Masters

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Differences Between Gas, Electric And Solar Golf Carts

golf puttingThere are three different types of golf carts: gas, electric, and solar. Though electric golf carts are the most common, gas and solar golf carts also serve a good purpose on certain types of golf courses. When selecting golf carts, consider how and where the golf carts will be used and make the proper decision. Here are the benefits of gas, electric and solar golf carts:

Electric Golf Carts

Pros: Electric golf carts are preferred by many golf courses because electric motors can be easily charged. After it is charged, electric golf carts can be used for eight to 10 hours. Two rounds of golf can be completed in this time. These types of carts require little maintenance and little fuel.

Cons: As electronic batteries get older, they are less likely to hold a charge. The charge is depleted faster when the cart is carrying a load that exceeds its capacity. The lifespan of the battery is diminished, and the batteries are expensive to replace.

Gas Golf Carts

Pros: If you need power and torque, gas-powered golf carts are designed to deliver. Carrying large loads is easier with gas golf carts than with electric or solar powered golf courses. Gas-powered carts will handle loads that weigh more than 500 pounds. These carts are also more capable of traversing abrasive terrain. In mountainous terrain, a gas-powered golf cart is recommended.

Cons: The cost of fueling a golf cart is the primary downside. The noise created during operation is the other downside. The noise can be a distraction during the golf game.

Solar Golf Carts

Pros: Solar golf carts are affordable and eco-friendly. Silicon panels used to collect energy from the sun are durable, lightweight and flexible. Solar golf cart systems will extend current battery life in a vehicle. If the proper system is chosen, it can convert energy faster than the standard cell. Some panels will even work in shady conditions.

There are some reports that these panels can convert enough energy to charge a battery for weeks and in some cases, a month. Every year, these carts can save up to 452 pounds annually of carbon dioxide. A solar roof panel will extend battery life by two years longer than the four years.

Cons: Solar-powered batteries are prone to sulfur build-up that can cause battery failure.

A Comparison of Golf Carts

Since the mid 1800s, golf has been a sport that many people enjoy. As the golf ball has evolved, the golf cart has not been far behind. When comparing golf carts, it is important to know how the golf carts will be used. Ideally, everyone would like solar-powered golf course because the carts are affordable and eco-friendly.

Realistically, electric golf carts and gas-powered golf carts are most likely to be found on golf courses. Electric golf carts are most commonly used because of the disadvantages of gas-powered golf courses. When making your choice, evaluate all possible scenarios and make the best possible selection based on the information provided.

Rod Tangiers is a writer who also happens to be an avid golfer. He writes for Radical Golf Carts, a golf cart parts company in Michigan.

The Differences Between Gas, Electric And Solar Golf Carts

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Get Some Golf!

If you are struggling to find a new sport or active hobby for those long summer days, you could do a lot worse than taking up golf. It is an excellent way to stay in trim whilst enjoying some spectacular scenery. Of course, golf is not for everyone, but can you imagine how busy those courses would be if we all enjoyed chasing that little white ball? Golf is a fast growing sport, played by many, and for good reason.

When Did It Begin?

Golf has been frustrating man for over seven hundred years and was first played in Scotland. It was originally the sport of the local gentry and involved royalty amongst its early supporters. The first official golf club was established at St Andrews in 1574. These days, golf is a huge sport worldwide and attracts supporters and players of both genders and all ages.

What is The Aim Of The Game?

Although golf has some incredibly complex techniques and is played in many different surroundings, the actual purpose of the game is very straightforward. You are supposed to hit the ball from the tee into the hole, in as few strokes as possible. This seems too easy to be true, but the hole can be up to five hundred meters away from the ball, and there are many obstacles along the way.

Why Do People Play Golf?

This is a very good question and there are lots of answers, none of them are one hundred per cent correct. It is one of those activities that can be many things for many people. On one end of the scale you have the professionals who earn millions of dollars every year, they only play two or three tournaments per month, but they are paid well to partake in these all over the globe. You have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who turn up to watch these spectacles. And on the opposite end of the scale you have the youngsters and elderly people who just hit the ball for some fun and entertainment.  It is a very addictive sport and a cheap hobby can easily spiral into a full time obsession. In the middle of this huge arena you have the keen golfers who are part of a club and play off a handicap, but that is not as painful as it sounds.

Golf Handicaps Explained ( Hopefully)

When you play a round of golf, the number of strokes from your opening tee to the finishing hole, are counted. The player with the lowest amount of strokes is declared the winner of the game. Each hole is designated an average amount of strokes, this varies from a par 3 to a par 5. The distance and the obstacles from the tee to the hole are defining factors in this par or average. A course with eighteen par 4 holes would have an overall score of 72, this relates to the amount of strokes you would require to finish the course on par. Handicaps are devised using a scoring system that start you off with a negative score. If you are an 18 handicap golfer, you start with a score of minus 18, if you take 90 strokes to finish the course, your end score would be 72. The less skill you have, the higher your handicap. A professional golfer is also known as a scratch golfer, they do not require a handicap score.

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Rick Jonathan is an amateur golfer and dearly loves the sport. To succeed at the the sport one needs good sporting equipment and considers Callaway Putter as the best there is in the market.

Get Some Golf!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Golf Shot Tips : How to Golf Putt

This is a really useful golf putting video, enjoy!

Knowing how to putt in golf, and especially how not to putt, is a great way to improve your golf game. Improve your putting game with advice from an experienced golf instructor in this free video on golf shot tips. Expert: Conan Elliott Contact: Bio: Conan Elliott has been the director of instruction at Camas Meadows Golf Club since January 2004. He has been teaching for more than 30 years, and truly is a “teacher of champions.” Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson Series Description:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Golf Shot Tips : How to Golf Putt

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Stick Golf: One of the Best Free Golf Apps

Have you guys tried this app – it’s good fun, pretty addictive and it helps a bit to be playing golf (even if it’s just on your iphone) when you can’t make it to the golf course! Here’s the best free apps for July 26th. http I hope you’re enjoying the site. Don’t forget to subscribe to our facebook and twitter pages: Have a great day, Ryan
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Stick Golf: One of the Best Free Golf Apps is a post by on Golf Score Genius. Check out Golf Score Genius – The best How to Golf App. Quicly learn How to Golf and lower your golf handicap using some simple golf tips!.

Golf Score Genius

Stick Golf: One of the Best Free Golf Apps

Getting your Putting Questions Answered!

Question by Tennis Coach: where can i buy a executive putting set online for my room?
i want a putting set in my room to improve my putting, you know one of those travel kits, all i need is a hole and a Portable putter. my bugget is around 30-40.

Best answer:

Answer by Smitty
What’s an executive putting set?

Give your answer to this question below!

Question by Brad C: Is there a definitive book on putting?
I would like to improve my putting in golf. Anyone find that a certain book or dvd very helpful?

Best answer:

Answer by Jmad
putting is all about touch – so the best thing you can do is go out and practice and gain confidence in your putter and stroke. Don’t worry about someone else opinion on putting, do what works for you.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Getting your Putting Questions Answered!

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Golf Instruction - Putting Stroke Youtube Video

As you know we’re always on the look out for videos that can help our readers improve their putting game. We came across this goodie! Hope you guys enjoy!

The World’s Best Instruction! Mike Shannon was named as a Top Teacher in both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine from 2000 to 2003. He is the creator of the Laser Optics Putting Improvement System that is being used by over 100 players on the Tour. In this lesson Mike discusses a tighter putting stroke. Please go and see more than 200 videos of the golf industries best instructors. Learn more about Golf Health and Fitness with over 3000 health concerns, worlds best golf instruction videos, and information on golf equipment, sports psychology, chipping, putting, sand shots and injury prevention and cure. GolfersMD will inspire you to stay focused on your health and play better golf. At GolfersMD, Health = Performance
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Golf Instruction - Putting Stroke Youtube Video