Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Get Some Golf!

If you are struggling to find a new sport or active hobby for those long summer days, you could do a lot worse than taking up golf. It is an excellent way to stay in trim whilst enjoying some spectacular scenery. Of course, golf is not for everyone, but can you imagine how busy those courses would be if we all enjoyed chasing that little white ball? Golf is a fast growing sport, played by many, and for good reason.

When Did It Begin?

Golf has been frustrating man for over seven hundred years and was first played in Scotland. It was originally the sport of the local gentry and involved royalty amongst its early supporters. The first official golf club was established at St Andrews in 1574. These days, golf is a huge sport worldwide and attracts supporters and players of both genders and all ages.

What is The Aim Of The Game?

Although golf has some incredibly complex techniques and is played in many different surroundings, the actual purpose of the game is very straightforward. You are supposed to hit the ball from the tee into the hole, in as few strokes as possible. This seems too easy to be true, but the hole can be up to five hundred meters away from the ball, and there are many obstacles along the way.

Why Do People Play Golf?

This is a very good question and there are lots of answers, none of them are one hundred per cent correct. It is one of those activities that can be many things for many people. On one end of the scale you have the professionals who earn millions of dollars every year, they only play two or three tournaments per month, but they are paid well to partake in these all over the globe. You have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who turn up to watch these spectacles. And on the opposite end of the scale you have the youngsters and elderly people who just hit the ball for some fun and entertainment.  It is a very addictive sport and a cheap hobby can easily spiral into a full time obsession. In the middle of this huge arena you have the keen golfers who are part of a club and play off a handicap, but that is not as painful as it sounds.

Golf Handicaps Explained ( Hopefully)

When you play a round of golf, the number of strokes from your opening tee to the finishing hole, are counted. The player with the lowest amount of strokes is declared the winner of the game. Each hole is designated an average amount of strokes, this varies from a par 3 to a par 5. The distance and the obstacles from the tee to the hole are defining factors in this par or average. A course with eighteen par 4 holes would have an overall score of 72, this relates to the amount of strokes you would require to finish the course on par. Handicaps are devised using a scoring system that start you off with a negative score. If you are an 18 handicap golfer, you start with a score of minus 18, if you take 90 strokes to finish the course, your end score would be 72. The less skill you have, the higher your handicap. A professional golfer is also known as a scratch golfer, they do not require a handicap score.

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Get Some Golf!

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