Monday, 4 February 2013

Getting your Putting Questions Answered!

Question by Tennis Coach: where can i buy a executive putting set online for my room?
i want a putting set in my room to improve my putting, you know one of those travel kits, all i need is a hole and a Portable putter. my bugget is around 30-40.

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Answer by Smitty
What’s an executive putting set?

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Question by Brad C: Is there a definitive book on putting?
I would like to improve my putting in golf. Anyone find that a certain book or dvd very helpful?

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Answer by Jmad
putting is all about touch – so the best thing you can do is go out and practice and gain confidence in your putter and stroke. Don’t worry about someone else opinion on putting, do what works for you.

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Getting your Putting Questions Answered!

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